Our Healthy Vending Promise

  • The highest quality organic, natural, low fat snacks and drinks available on the market for your vending machines.
  • Customer service that is responsive and effective
    • We will re-stock at least every week and more often if daily sales require
    • Questions, concerns or complaints will be answered within 24 hours
  • Our vending machines are state of the art.
    • Dual climate capacity for perishable items
    • Cashless Payment System that accepts all major credit/debit cards & mobile payments
    • Accepts change or paper currency for $1, $5, bills
    • Capability for change in dollar coins
    • Bold colorful graphics and lighted sign to attract health conscious consumers
  • Online sales reporting – allows remote monitoring and inventory management
    • We stock our vending machines as often as needed or on a fixed delivery schedule
vending machines


Here are the specs to our healthy vending machines.

  • 72″ H (88” w/ sign) by 39″ W by 36″ D
  • 725 lbs.
  • 115 VAC 60 Hz
  • 10.8 amps
  • Super 1/2 HP Refrigeration Compressor


Here are some features to our healthy vending machines.

  • Energy Efficient LED Lighting
  • Vantage Bill Acceptor provides change in paper currency
  • Coin Acceptor/Dispenser
  • Cashless Payment System accepting all credit/debit cards & mobile payments


Here is the capacity of our healthy vending machines.

  • 3 Chilled Trays, 2 Ambient Trays
  • 34 Selections
  • 267 Unit Capacity
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